About us

About us

Tanked Music was founded during the Covid 19 pandemic by Barry Saint, a former A&R Executive and Artist Manager. It was born out of a reaction to the poor streaming royalties that artists receive. We believe that all artists deserve to be paid fairly for their work, but sadly that isn't happening. So instead we wanted to create a fun new alternative way for artists to generate some revenue that can be enjoyed by both artists and fans alike. 


We also want to help support the small independent breweries, distillers and wineries who help us create these great tasting products. 


Our aim is to make it as normal for artists to release a drink, as it is to release an album, a T-shirt or go on tour.



We work with musicians & independent alcohol producers to create bespoke drinks.

Buying our unique drinks helps to keep the show on the road, and the music in your ears!